CTRL Reality is a company specialized in the production of state-of-art mixed reality solutions and platforms. We improve our customers’ performance with the emerging technology by developing applications for mixed reality headsets as well as for mobile devices. We aim to be the company with the most satisfied customers and the happiest employees.

Augmented Reality

Enhance reality with digital content. Indoors, outdoors, small-scale, large-scale - we know the solution for that. Use the existing mobile devices or the goggles just entering the market.

Virtual Reality

Create new experiences in pure digital world. Immersive virtual reality available with modern VR headsets takes the user to a different reality or provides a new view to your 3D models.

360° Media

Lightweight yet immersive visualizations. 360° panoramic images, 360° videos and 360° stereoscopic content can be viewed with mobile devices either as dedicated apps or via browser.

Years of Experience

Our skilled experts have been working with mixed reality for years. The team has total experience of several decades about designing and implementing solutions to mixed reality.

Customer First

We understand the customer needs and we know how to help them to create just the right concept. We also help in choosing the right technology which also scales to future needs.

Born from Research

We are a proud university spinoff using research-proven methods and the latest technology. We also keep our eye on the scientific advancements and the technologies to come.

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