HVAC System Planning in VR

Virtual reality can be utilized in designing the interiors of mechanical rooms. In retrofit installations the current facilities are 3D-scanned and the resulting model is used as a basis in the design. Various equipment such as heat pumps, heat exchangers and boilers are placed to correct locations and necessary piping is laid out to create the desired system.

Immersive virtual reality enables the validation of the design in a virtual twin of the real environment. The design can be evaluated and tested in virtual reality for its installability and maintainability. The design also helps in concretizing the resulting system to end users, eases cost planning and even helps in the actual installation work. Furthermore, the tool can be used in training the control and maintenance personnel already before the actual installation work has even started.

HVAC VR design tools are being developed together with the Naavatar group in a pilot project supported by the KIRA-digi program.