Luostarinmäki Adventure

Luostarinmäki Adventure is a tablet application that takes a visitor of the Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum in the middle of the 1850’s daily life in Turku. The adventure uses augmented reality technologies to bring people from old times virtually into the streets and courtyards of the museum. The visitor is engaged into the arrangements of a wedding in one Saturday in the summer of 1855. He or she takes the role of a cousin of the 17-year old bride, Hilda, bringing the wedding crown of the family for the bride, and then being asked for help in making arrangements for the wedding that will take place the following day.

The visitor will discuss with locals, do tasks and eventually even try to solve a mystery of the stolen wedding ring. The adventure happens on the screen of a tablet computer, but also on the streets of the museum where virtual people and objects will guide the user through the story.

The adventure was built by our team members as part of the Futuristic History project in University of Turku in co-operation with the museum personnel in 2014.