Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour is an immersive virtual reality application that can be used to present physical locations and facilities. The user can experience Virtual Tour using virtual reality glasses or mobile devices. Virtual Tour provides a safe and easy access to places that are hard or impossible to reach. For companies, it opens up new possibilities e.g. in stakeholder visits to different types of sites without production breaks, health- or contamination risks.

Virtual Tour usually includes a selection of high quality 360-degree videos, 360-degree interactive panoramic photos as well as 3D-scale models and animations. The content is carefully produced to deliver the preferred message to a visitor. With an easy user interface, the virtual visitor can travel between locations and access various information layers that are attached to the panoramic photos as hotspots. Virtual Tour can also feature an audio guide.

Virtual Tour in the video presents a Metsä Wood factory location in Punkaharju. It gives a comprehensive virtual tour to the factory and its surrounding area. The application is created for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Gear VR platforms.